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Safe and technological advanced portable machine tools for grinding, boring and turning on valves for any diameter and depth, with interventions on site or in the workshop. The use of the equipment allows to reduce machining time and costs.

The latest WS3 Full CNC uses high tech components that make it possible to carry out high-performance operations.

It is unique of its kind, it has all the advantages of the W series machine tools, enhanced with a CNC head, that allows to perform delicate machining operations:

  • curvilinear profiles with any tips of radius
  • conical machining and any type of chamfers
  • all types of threadings
  • simple and shaped facing > any type of grooving
  • phonographic grooves

Upon request the machine can be supplied with standard equipment for the performance of all the machining operations that are carried out with W Series included overlay welding. W CNC series machine tools are customized. The customer must give details and geometrical specifications in order to allow the technical staff to customize:

  • the positioning equipment and clamping system
  • machine tool strokes
  • tool holder elements
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