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The technological development in the productive sectors and the increasingly specific management procedures are the fundamental elements for achieving the objectives of a company such as Sir Meccanica, inserted in the context of the global market. The company has reached very high levels in terms of quality and safety to the total advantage of the end users that can have reliable, safe and defect-free products.
Earth Moving Machine

Solutions to work better. Our job is to design and manufacture portable machine tools. Our leadership in the world was obtained thanks to the innovative products, able to make the difference in terms of quality and efficiency. Thanks to the small dimensions and to the low weight, it is the machine tool that, for the first time, is brought directly on-site.


Sir Meccanica has studied a broad range of portable machine tools for different solutions, in order to widely satisfy the requirements of the sectors. Our equipment has been developed to give solutions to a wide range of applications.


Sir Meccanica can meet the maintenance and service requirements of any industrial plant. Through the use of portable machine tools, able to work on site, you can perform timely interventions to limit downtime or a standstill plant and restore, in a short time, the operation and production processes.


Sir Meccanica is also able to intervene in the maintenance and repair sector of rotating equipment. The know-how of the staff, the technological update and the use of the most modern equipment are constantly monitored by the company’s technical office that employs trained professionals that are able to coordinate different organizational realities.


Sir Meccanica, through the use of high technology, high professional standards, state-of-the-art projects and a wide productive capability, operates with success in the nuclear sector. The company supplies specialized equipment for the maintenance and repair of nuclear plants; that is, safe and reliable machines for maintenance and repair of plants, thermal power equipment and oil and gas refineries.

Oil & Gas

Sir Meccanica has been producing equipment for maintenance and repair of thermal power equipment and oil and gas refineries, for 25 years. The portable machine tools are designed and made in order to satisfy the needs for the maintenance of pieces hardly replaceable or removable due to their dimensions, such as valve seats, flanges and hydraulic equipment.

Can’t find your industry sector?
SIR MECCANICA produces customized machine tool for any type of work.
Quality and reliability, innovation and design, formal precision and elegance. These are the characteristics that distinguish SIR Meccanica’s products that are made in Italy. They are the result not only of integrated working processes, based on the use of the latest technology, but also of precious manual and artisan skills, stored and passed onto specialized workers. These levels of knowledge make Sir Meccanica flexible, able to adopt a taylor-made approach, interpret needs and specific requests from customers, plan and manufacture custom-made solutions, ensuring quality and efficiency. If you desire to be contacted by our technicians and for dedicated solutions, please fill out the form.