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New-concept machines entirely controlled by an electronic controller, capable of performing the most diverse machining jobs on the faces of large cylindrical tubing, achieving unprecedented finish and accuracy results.

F-Max overcomes all technical/structural and vibration-related issues thanks to the simplicity with which it can be quickly installed on site; the lightweight for easy handling and to the multi-functionality.

Perfect inertia balancing permits operation in any position: horizontal, vertical and inclined. Its unique structure compensates for radial and axial stress and tilting moment, minimizing harmful vibration. F-Max may also be used as a precision drilling/tapping machine. Once the diameter and number of holes have been set, the electronic controller automatically determines all drilling positions like an electronic indexing head.

Find your machine based on your working needs.
helps you to select the right machine for your work.
allow you to expand the utility of your machine but, most importantly, your work