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Sir Meccanica proposes a wide range of products and systems with a high added value that offers a new and revolutionary know-how applicable in all sectors of mechanics. Our machines are able to work on site, with only one simple set-up, and perform: in-line boring, internal and external overlay welding, drilling, tapping, bringing any type of ovalized or worn hole back to the original dimensions. The products, distributed in 136 countries, are guaranteed by international patents to protect the investments made for their manufacturing, to guarantee the continuous development, to protect the final customer and to safeguard whoever operates, in the international market, for Business to Business and for Business to Consumer. They undergo a control process and a very strict final test to achieve total quality, in order to offer to the market highly reliable solutions. Sir Meccanica’s products, thanks to their versatility, simplicity and precision, are an essential tool for repairing on site holes and articulation points of big or small machines, whose disassembly would result in a machine stop and transportation to a workshop. Sir Meccanica’s portable machines allow for time saving and a considerable reduction in machining costs, as well as guaranteeing the quality of the work itself.
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