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W series includes 9 models. Each single machine operates on different dimensions and performs, with extreme precision, on-site repairs of holes and machinery articulated joints of big and small dimensions whose disassembly would result in a machine stop and transportation to a workshop. Statistically the use of this innovative equipment reduces of 85% the machining time.

The machines perform, with one single and simple set-up, on site work for:

  • boring

restoring any tapered or worn out hole to its original dimension, standing out for their stability, accuracy, compact size, sturdiness and safety in a smart and smooth operational way.

  • Broad range of applications
  • No transport costs
  • Shorter machining time
  • Less labour costs
  • Safe, reliable performance

The electronic control panel manages the motorization of the machine by adjusting the speed and direction of machine’s rotation and feed.

On the control panel there are the following buttons:

Switch on button with status light

Emergency switch with rotary release

Selector of rotation direction

Selector of feed direction

Tachometer knob for fine adjustment of rotation speed

Tachometer knob for fine adjustment of feed speed

"Rapid" feed translation button

On the same control panel there are the following luminous indications:

Power on light status

Rotation direction light status

Feed direction light status

Rotation speed 3-digit display (RPM)

Feed speed 4-digit display (RPM)

10-level bar with rotation motor work load indication (S.T.P.) *

Counter display

* Thanks to the LED bar defined as STP, it is possible to check instantly the work load of the rotation motor in order to be able to optimally choose the operating parameters (rotation speed and feed speed) based on the hardness of the material, the type of tool installed, the working diameter and the cutting diameter of the tool. Furthermore, the bar signals in advance the alarm condition and the subsequent shutdown of the entire control panel, lightening until the operating conditions are restored.

On the base of the control panel, two windows display possible error codes and/or signals from the two inverters.

Three-phase power supply 380/400V  50/60Hz  maximum required power 4.5Kw

The W series is characterized by: A rotation drive system

“Worm gear-helical wheel”, with permanent lubrication, patented and state-of-the-art. To obtain an elevated productivity, high performance and low noise, the mechanisms are made with 16CrNi4 steel, cemented, tempered and refaced. Particular attention has been given to the realization of the profile, to obtain a better contact among the surfaces. The wheels have a cast iron G20 hub on which an antifriction bronze fusion G-CuSn12 is applied, to optimise  performances and efficiency. Housing and flanges are made of engineering cast iron G20 UNI 5007. The commercial components used, such as tapered-roller bearings or radial ball bearings, oil seals, gaskets, lubricants are accurately selected  to guarantee high quality.

The power has reached elevated standards, the ideal thing for any applicative situation which requests motion linearity, overload capacity and load control with high inertia. Magnetized and tested one by one, they guarantee reliability and efficiency. They are characterized by:

  • Permanent magnets made of calibrated ferrite, with a high coercive force.
  • Multi-bladed collector to obtain a perfect commutation.
  • 4-poles tacho generator  with rare earths magnets built into the motor
  • IP54 protection level
  • Skewed armature for smooth running at low speeds
Series W
  • Boring diameter
    400-1700 mm (15.75 - 66.93")
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